Every Sky A Parchment, Every Ocean An Inkwell


Sitting on a beach along the Atlantic coastline at sunrise can be an inspiring and majestic experience. For me, the dawn of this new day brings countless opportunities to explore previously undiscovered wonders. Watching the Sun emerge above the horizon, I see a panorama begin to unfold around me. The skyline and ocean become a tableau of both light and dark colors that form a storyboard of something epic. The spirited cry of  gulls, the mighty roar of breakers pounding against the shoreline, and the whistle of a strong northeasterly breeze all compose a cacophony of sound that sends my mind back to carefree times. Fine grains of sand between my toes and the taste of salt on my lips draw me deeper into this rhapsody that immerses me in solace. The aroma of dune grass permeates the air, and takes me to a place where everything is possible.

There is so much beauty in the world, and grand elegance found in the most simple things around us. We forget this all too often. We get caught in the unforgiving web of societal expectation, overindulgence, and the mundane. We begin to lose our identities and creative spirit over time, unless we have the courage and temerity to break free from it all. This is why I am drawn to the sea at sunrise. It helps me shed the burdens I’ve carried, gives me renewed hope that I hold the power to navigate my journey through this life story. I walk along the shore where every sky is a parchment, and every ocean an inkwell. My best chapters are yet to come!

Published by danielparenteau

Daniel Parenteau is a freelance writer living in Lyman, Maine.

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