A Time for Strength: Getting in the Huddle

Sometimes you just find yourself up against it. You know those daunting or seemingly insurmountable things in life that suddenly make you seem very small and powerless in a world that relentlessly throws wrenches at you. You get up each morning, put your game face on, and hope that the light you see at the end of that tunnel isn’t another train bearing down on your dwindling faith.

This situation feels exponentially worse when you’re supposed to be the champion and protector for those who depend on you and cannot fight for themselves. When adversity tests you, you find yourself hoping to find whatever semblance of strength you have left to muster and keep trying. You do this because the alternative is unthinkable – giving up and caving in means all is lost and you aren’t willing to let adversity win. In times like these, incredible things can happen that define the warrior we all have inside us.

One of the best and most powerful movie scenes depicting what I’m talking about is from the film, Facing the Giants:

In times of great adversity, we have a unique opportunity to awaken the warrior within us and achieve the so-called impossible with a new and dogged determination. It usually starts with one brave, tenacious soul surrounded by family, friends, neighbors and kindred onlookers who rally and force you to dig deep, face your demons and rise to the challenge. New-found strength in people is very contagious as armies of one become divisions of many and massive huddles of abounding champions.

At any point in your life, sometimes you’re the one up against it and sometimes you’re one of those who rally to unleash a new warrior. Opportunities to play the latter don’t come every day. Today, however, is one of those days. If you had the opportunity to help someone fight something much bigger than they are, or help a couple pledged to love and protect someone raise their faith and bolster their strength during a very difficult time – would you step up? Would you join others in your communities or networks to cast a net far and wide to help them?

If you’re still reading, chances are you answered yes to those questions. Friends, there is a family in my hometown that is up against it. A cherubic little girl named Aubree who will steal your heart with a single look, and the two amazing people who surround her with abundant and unconditional love need your support. Please browse to this page to find out more about them and how you can help. Donate funds if you can. If you can’t, find other ways to help. Prayers, positive thoughts, word-of-mouth movement – do what you can to cast the net far and wide to raise this family up and bolster their strength. Help keep Aubree Strong and get in the huddle.


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