Next Big Things: Things I’ve Not Yet Said


“Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.” ― Asha Tyson

Sometimes the end of something makes way for the beginning of other things. As the door to this campaign closes, there are several new ones that are now open before me. All I have to do is choose, take a deep breath and walk on through. I’m no stranger to the great wide open. Every person, place or thing encountered on my life’s journey has fed an insatiable hunger to learn more, do more, and leave my surroundings a better and more interesting place. There has never been a boilerplate to my life. I always seek the road less traveled – without question. You only get one shot at life, so when I see an opportunity to enhance, enrich or explore, I take it. No regrets, just teachable moments. They are what drive me as a human being and make my journey almost gripplingly fascinating.

It’s because of this outlook that, despite any official vote tally, I still walk away with a series of personal wins. I ran my campaign my way and on my terms in spite of an often tumultuous and extremely volatile political climate. There may be some who will read this that can’t really understand the gravity of what that means, but suffice it to say that accomplishing that is many orders of magnitude above hard. I stayed focused on my message and the social priorities that I feel are imperative and speak to the people side of a city.

Over the last many months, I have made so many new friends and allies – and not all of them in the most obvious of places. Even those whose ideology did not always match mine, or whose alliances were not with me, extended cordial friendships and an affirmation of the value that I bring to my city.

I don’t want to lead anyone down a primrose path here. I wasn’t immune to some of the bitter angst and nastygrams from detractors – I just chose to not feed the machine of drama or leverage the unsocial side of social media platforms. I could have caved and taken a very low road, but it just isn’t who I am. See, without honor and integrity, you have nothing. Exercising respect and courage is harder in the end, but you don’t lose yourself or your identity. It’s a price I chose not to pay. So, if anyone ever tells you that you can win from losing… believe it. I had a great life, a great family and a great profession before the race, and I walk away with all of it after the race. There is no scoreboard big enough to post those kinds of numbers.

Now, about those open doors… So many people have been kind in encouraging me to run again. They say that one should never say never, but the truth is, so much can happen in two years and there are so many opportunities to pursue and dreams to transform into reality. I’ve started writing two books and am kicking around an idea for a third. I have some business interests that I have been shopping around for a while, and my passion for travel continues to intrigue me. So, I find myself sitting in a pretty sweet place.

Before any of these can happen, though, I will be spending time reconnecting with my family – who have supported me in this campaign for seven months, but also sacrificed some because I couldn’t always be there as much. Campaigns are very time-consuming things and they take alot out of you and your loved ones. Especially when you set out to do things that are unconventional or creative. I love my family, and I still love this city. I will continue to be a catalyst for social progress and protecting the vulnerable. I’m all in. I’ve always been all in.


I’ll close this entry by thanking everyone for what you added to my journey. I like to think that I made (and continue to make) a difference. Many of you asked for help, support or advice which I never refused. Regardless of your political affiliation(s) or personal beliefs, we should all seize opportunities to find common ground and seek out solutions that best serve the greater good. This doesn’t mean that there is never any room for debate or fighting for what you believe in. Despite any frustration or despair, this is still a democracy with inalienable rights. The point is to exercise your mind, body and soul as a tool instead of a weapon. You can’t buy this with any amount of wealth. A creative mind and a pen can blaze new trails and move mountains. Cry out if necessary, organize if you must… but executing on a well-planned mission is more effective than throwing bombs over a wall. It’s all about focus.

Thanks for everything..


3 thoughts on “Next Big Things: Things I’ve Not Yet Said

  1. Think about that downtown restaurant. We want to enjoy some of that good ‘downhome’ food without having to drive to New Brunswick. One door closes, another opens. Choices. I’m sure you’ll think it through and do the right thing, Friend.

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