Midnight Surrender


The canopy above me is majestic and animated. Thick, rolling clouds dance across the moon like a silent opus retelling the story of how the night sky was born. This epic story never gets old and I like that I can never change the narrative. I’m a captive spectator surrendering the mind, body and soul to it while in awe of the unspoken lucidity..



A beautifully serene night at the edge of the world. The cadence of the waves, the wide expanse of the night sky, a good wine and a roaring fire are my theater. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s raw all at once. All that matters is this moment – everything else is just noise. An old hope is reignited and an unwritten chapter is finally about to emerge. Another moment of clarity..

Night Sky Epiphanies


Ocean horizons at night are the most beautiful backdrops for deep contemplation and meditation. I have integrated meditation into my daily life for quite some time now. It lets me shed the stresses of the day and decompresses my mind. Sometimes the experience is euphoric and great moments of clarity illuminate the path forward. There is a rhythm to everything – you just have to be adept at finding it and listen. All of the answers are there..

Standing at the Edge of the World


I have lived near the ocean for most of my life. It’s a part of who I am and I am at my best self there. The edge of the world is a majestic place. It rejuvenates me on a warm Summer night, it makes me believe in what really matters on an early sunrise stroll and it gives me an often-needed kick in the ass during a good storm. It feeds my soul. When I arrive at the edge of the world, I see a canvas unfolding before me. When I walk along it, I am the canvas. It’s a powerful thing in my life..