An Unwavering Torch


All along my life’s journey, there were people, places and things that never left the core of who I have become. Sometimes destiny separates you from them for a long while, and on the other side of the pain and anguish of letting go, comes an unexpected return.

It’s hard to say why this happens. Sometimes we’re not ready or mature enough to know their true value and regrettably let them slip away. Sometimes we have to walk alone for part of the journey to discover ourselves before we can walk in tandem.

Whatever the reasoning, these prodigal treasures sometimes return because they have more to say and there may be a few unrealized dreams to weave yet.

The torch never wavers and an unrelenting beacon signals that I am still here. The road is long, but worth every step to reach a long-awaited rendezvous. Fate has it’s own timeline..