Fragile Things


Life is never permanent. No matter how desperately we try to hold fast to those who bring us joy – their eventual ends pave the way for new beginnings whether we seek them or not.

Letting go can be excruciatingly hard because of all the time and effort we invest and all those hundredfold returns we reap by virtue of having their kindred presence in our world. Mourning and grieving are easy places to gravitate to, and if we’re not careful, we risk robbing those we lost along the way of the great legacies they gifted unto us.

The more difficult path is the one where we celebrate the indelible memories they scrawled upon our hearts and the beautiful inscriptions they engraved into our souls. It’s not about the end. It’s about the run.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go of fragile things so that the next big thing can happen. Like a sandcastle before a rising tide, everything is temporary. Build it, tend it and enjoy it. And when the time comes, let it go – the next one will be bigger, bolder and better..

Published by danielparenteau

Daniel Parenteau is a freelance writer living in Lyman, Maine.

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