I used to think that life was all about limits and a series of very calculated moves designed to define you. It’s all an illusion, and when you give in to it, you live your life in chains and the world becomes your prison.

The most liberating thing you will ever experience in life is when you untether yourself and let your spirit roam free. This is when you will know that what was once impossible is attainable, what was once impulsive is deliberate, and what was once out of your league is within your reach.

Truth is, we are all limitless and the only thing that’s kept us from our goals is that bullshit story we kept telling ourselves as to why we could never achieve them.

Life is alot like the unpredictable nature of the ocean. Sometimes it’s tranquil and serene, while other times it’s wild and tempestuous. Destroy your maps, raise your anchor and set sail for the uncharted parts of your life. Sometimes the biggest risks yield the highest rewards. There are still many New Worlds to discover..

Published by danielparenteau

Daniel Parenteau is a freelance writer living in Lyman, Maine.

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