Every morning begins in meditation. The process is like putting on armor for the day’s battle against my own impatience, inadequacy, resentment and hostility. It leads me to the stillness and serenity that awakens the best pieces of me.

For a short while there is a deep silence that has a melody of its own – a sweetness unknown amid the harsh discord of the World’s sounds. It is a sanctuary of my own making.

Meditation is not about mastery of the technique, but about letting go of control. I am liberated to venture in any direction I choose. Sky above me. Earth below me. Fire within me.



Every story has and end, but in life every end is a new beginning. I used to think that endings were mournful – they’re not. Endings are wildcards that life deals you when you’re lost. Play them well and at the right time, and you venture into a new and exciting direction.

Baptized in valor, I immerse myself in the waters that cleanse my wake and set a course for the next beginning. Today, I disembark from familiar harbors and sail to new ports of call. I’m not worried about getting lost. Truth is, if I never get lost, there’s a good chance I may never be found. Life is interesting..


praying at sunset

Meditation is my solace and my gateway to self-discovery. Every day it teaches me something that brings my experiences into perspective. Today, I learned that every adversity has been a test. I have been conditioned to survive. I’m a survivor because the fire inside me burns brighter than the fire around me. Another moment of clarity..



My spirit is wild and untamed whenever she calls to me. I walk the line between wholly enchanted and passionately intoxicated. Her song never fails to immerse me in the waters of Elysium where I am baptized in a rhapsody of whispers – completely surrendered.

I’ve come here to lose myself, but she relentlessly reveals my identity and teaches me that the story of this life isn’t about the number of breathes we take, but the number of things that truly leave us breathless. Every day ultimately fades into every night, and the dance begins again with her familiar beckoning call..