A Feast for Souls

So, what happens when two foodies get together to make dinner? Turns out it’s way less about the ingredients coming together, and way more about the chemistry forming between two chefs.   The food was really great, of course, but secondary to the playful ribbing, witty banter and simply bonding with someone who shares commonContinue reading “A Feast for Souls”

43.4895⁰N Latitude 70.4419⁰W Longitude

The Earth is a pretty big place. You could roam across this big blue planet all of your days and still not see everything. There are points on our personal maps, however, that touch us and fill us with a wide range of emotion. Some places represent happy beginnings while others make us recall tragicContinue reading “43.4895⁰N Latitude 70.4419⁰W Longitude”