Night Sky Epiphanies

Ocean horizons at night are the most beautiful backdrops for deep contemplation and meditation. I have integrated meditation into my daily life for quite some time now. It lets me shed the stresses of the day and decompresses my mind. Sometimes the experience is euphoric and great moments of clarity illuminate the path forward. ThereContinue reading “Night Sky Epiphanies”

Lost in Translation: How to Win and Influence Friends at the Coffee House

  Have you ever wished there was a reset button on a person? You know, just one of those big, old red studs in the center of their chest that take both of your thumbs to push while you yell “CLEAR!” and their mind re-boots. This sure would have come in handy this morning asContinue reading “Lost in Translation: How to Win and Influence Friends at the Coffee House”

A Phoenix Rising: Defining Moments

Life is a series of defining moments strung together by the passage of time. We gauge our successes and failures by how we act whenever we find ourselves in a gut-check mode; those moments of truth when we have to make a choice of either caving under the weight of adversity or seizing an opportunityContinue reading “A Phoenix Rising: Defining Moments”

Native Sons and Daughters All – Surviving the Storm

I am a native son. My ancestors came to this continent in 1642. They worked in the great forests, they fished in abundant waters, and they reaped bountiful harvests sewn with their own hands. They came to Biddeford to build homesteads, learn trades, and grow enormous families. They opened up small businesses, taught school, andContinue reading “Native Sons and Daughters All – Surviving the Storm”

Holding On and Letting Go

There are special people that happen in our lives that help shape who we ultimately become and what path we will journey upon as we write our life story. Each of these “guideposts” is not always self-evident, and many times we don’t understand their impact or significance until many years later in our own personalContinue reading “Holding On and Letting Go”

Autumnal Life: Rites of Passage

Today marks my 50th birthday. I find myself sweeping through a wide range of thoughts and emotions on entering this phase in my life. They are all-at-once happy, daunting, introspective and liberating. I have been blessed with the great fortune and benefit of being a part of a loving family and ever-widening circle of friendsContinue reading “Autumnal Life: Rites of Passage”