The seaside is a fusion of elements that always make me reflect inwardly, It is both my zen garden and my saving oasis. I come here to bare my soul fearlessly and unabashed in a cathartic way. It’s here that I am catastrophically enamored with the great loves of my life. It makes want to hold on to each with a white-knuckled intensity because I love them like a drowning man loves air.

I cast all of my hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties in stoppered glass bottles upon the water in belief that they will reach their intended recipients, all the while waiting for answers to my midnight petitions. Each message in a bottle leaves me a little raw and exposed, but it’s not unanswered prayers that I am afraid of – it’s being unraveled to the point of no return.

Our deepest desires are only ever granted to us by way of a blind kind of faith. Sometimes you have to be willing to bet the house and accept the odds because not taking that chance will translate into the biggest ass-kicking you’ll ever give yourself. If you risk nothing, you gain nothing. It’s worth a little unraveling if your dreams come true in the end.



I am a man of faith though I don’t believe in a predestined fate. I determine where my journey takes me. A strong, reliable compass and an insatiable hunger to learn are the only tools I’ve ever carried. The story of my life has been penned by my own hand and the road ahead of me is yet unwritten.

I choose to blaze my own trail because I believe that those who resign themselves to follow the crowd usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before. Trails that are crooked, winding, lonesome and dangerous often take you to the most scenic vistas and breathtaking views.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. That, in and of itself, is the incentive. The road ahead is an unwritten account that journals my self-discovery. The world is mine.



Every day is a gift of 84,600 seconds that we can spend any way we choose. Some squander it on useless instruments of intolerance and hate, while others pay it forward to make the world open and kind. Time is the currency that buys you either misery or rapture in your life. In the end you must decide whether to feed your ego or feed your soul – you cannot serve two masters.

I choose my soul and every time I feed it, I build a rapture that has me see the music in everything and the poetry in everyone around me. A rapture helps you find the elegance in simplicity and beauty in the organic. It is the difference between cursing the dark and being moonstruck.

Some say that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most of your 84,600 seconds each day. Build your rapture..



In my life, I have known true bliss. It happens whenever I surrender to something bigger than myself. It’s my liberation, my solace and my awakening. The older I become, the better I am at it. I shed things that no longer serve me and take on new dimensions that illustrate the outward expression of who I am . I am in a constant state of change. I’m a human kaleidoscope of colors and shapes that chronicle my odyssey.

I am a better person today than I was yesterday, but nowhere near as good as the person I will be tomorrow. The secret to this lies in learning to find silver linings on your darkest days and discarding all your pretenses. The day I accepted that I couldn’t control the world around me was the day I was set free to celebrate the divinity of myself. It changed my outlook in very profound ways and I never looked back. Transformation happens on the other side of surrender. Focus on what really matters and bliss will come.

Fragile Things


Life is never permanent. No matter how desperately we try to hold fast to those who bring us joy – their eventual ends pave the way for new beginnings whether we seek them or not.

Letting go can be excruciatingly hard because of all the time and effort we invest and all those hundredfold returns we reap by virtue of having their kindred presence in our world. Mourning and grieving are easy places to gravitate to, and if we’re not careful, we risk robbing those we lost along the way of the great legacies they gifted unto us.

The more difficult path is the one where we celebrate the indelible memories they scrawled upon our hearts and the beautiful inscriptions they engraved into our souls. It’s not about the end. It’s about the run.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go of fragile things so that the next big thing can happen. Like a sandcastle before a rising tide, everything is temporary. Build it, tend it and enjoy it. And when the time comes, let it go – the next one will be bigger, bolder and better..

The Grand Mosaic


I have led a fascinating life filled with mountainous highs and riverbed lows. I have traveled upon every continent, broken bread with humble souls and engaged in rituals honoring cultures so unlike my own.

I have known the powerful and undying love of an captivating woman. I have had the pleasure and bliss of bringing children into the world. I’ve gotten lost in the music of the night and the abstract of nature’s wonder,

I’ve wept in despair at the loss of my adored. I’ve lost everything and made rock bottom my monastery. I’ve felt hollow in the face of my fears and consumed by demons of my own making.

Despite all this, I am stronger than people expect me to be. I am as impervious as the stones upon the shore. In truth, the road behind me is littered with all the empty shells of those who ever underestimated me. I blaze my own trails, have no regrets and take no prisoners.

The mosaic of my life tells the story of who I am and where I’ve been. It evolves every day and I wouldn’t part with a single piece. My life is art reflecting a grand journey..



I used to think that life was all about limits and a series of very calculated moves designed to define you. It’s all an illusion, and when you give in to it, you live your life in chains and the world becomes your prison.

The most liberating thing you will ever experience in life is when you untether yourself and let your spirit roam free. This is when you will know that what was once impossible is attainable, what was once impulsive is deliberate, and what was once out of your league is within your reach.

Truth is, we are all limitless and the only thing that’s kept us from our goals is that bullshit story we kept telling ourselves as to why we could never achieve them.

Life is alot like the unpredictable nature of the ocean. Sometimes it’s tranquil and serene, while other times it’s wild and tempestuous. Destroy your maps, raise your anchor and set sail for the uncharted parts of your life. Sometimes the biggest risks yield the highest rewards. There are still many New Worlds to discover..

An Unwavering Torch


All along my life’s journey, there were people, places and things that never left the core of who I have become. Sometimes destiny separates you from them for a long while, and on the other side of the pain and anguish of letting go, comes an unexpected return.

It’s hard to say why this happens. Sometimes we’re not ready or mature enough to know their true value and regrettably let them slip away. Sometimes we have to walk alone for part of the journey to discover ourselves before we can walk in tandem.

Whatever the reasoning, these prodigal treasures sometimes return because they have more to say and there may be a few unrealized dreams to weave yet.

The torch never wavers and an unrelenting beacon signals that I am still here. The road is long, but worth every step to reach a long-awaited rendezvous. Fate has it’s own timeline..




A beautifully serene night at the edge of the world. The cadence of the waves, the wide expanse of the night sky, a good wine and a roaring fire are my theater. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s raw all at once. All that matters is this moment – everything else is just noise. An old hope is reignited and an unwritten chapter is finally about to emerge. Another moment of clarity..